Our work just started! In fact, we have not even scratched the surface, let alone, but we are already touching lives positively beyond imaginations. The KALAM SCIENCE FOUNDATION-INDIA’s first role is to educate the general public through extensive education, awareness and enlightenment campaign for better understanding of our future requirements. The business of insurance will change, either because we, as an organization, have proactively defined our future, or because it has been shaped and defined for us by the external influencers that are at work all around us. The potential for our organization is enormous. This is the time to build new strategies, embrace innovation, transformation initiatives, and create new ideas that can succeed in a new digital future.

“Poor income source, lack of awareness about education, absence of educational institutions in rural areas were some drawbacks hindering the progress of education in India, We are the KALAM SCIENCE FOUNDATION-INDIA and we are doing what we can do to improve the lives of our upcoming generation and to develop the means to find a cure for more healthy tomorrows with creating ideas and initiatives to transform INDIA into a developed nation.

KALAM SCIENCE FOUNDATION-INDIA is fully dedicated to helping the society, to modernize, to optimize, and to innovate to effectively support today’s needs. Our models, tools, and insights are helping both insurers and the solution providers that support them to make progress along their transformation and innovation journeys. KSF’s powerful Next-Gen Insurer framework is being used widely to reimagine the basics – helping participants find ways to create new levels of agility and competitiveness while harnessing their unique expertise, enabling them not just to survive, but to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

KSF can help! We offer a unique blend of advisory and consulting services, our researchs, events, and innovation offerings can help you to explore the possibilities and to make informed plans and decisions along your journey. We welcome your ideas, suggestions at any time. In just a few minutes, you can volunteer or sign up to help society or become an advisor for public policy changes benefiting those with KSF.

Together, we will make this happen! We look forward to working with you. When strategy meets action, everyone is successful!”

“To wipe out every tear from each eye…to serve suffering humanity.”




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